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Brett has been a professional photographer since 2001 working primarily in Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, Nevada.  He began shooting headshots in Los Angeles when he was dared by a friend to start-up a new business.  Well it paid off!  Brett revolutionized the way Hollywood looked at actors when he began introducing color digital photos into a black and white world.  The rest is history! Within thirty days, Brett was the premiere choice for head shot photography that got you in front of casting directors & agents.  For the next decade he enjoyed working with over twenty-two agencies in Los Angeles and Chicago.

After becoming popular with actors & agencies, Brett branched out and began shooting models for print ads, commercial and editorial.  But, his real passion for photography came after shooting Wedding Photography for a friend in Chicago.  Brett has been a renowned Life Coach and Business Coach for over sixteen years and has worked with countless couples & newly weds to coach them in their relationship.  Whether it’s a couple who have just become engaged or a couple that has been together for 30 years and is facing a challenging time; Brett would coach them through his breakthrough process to find passion with each other and share techniques on how to best create a life that is filled with love, happiness & integrity.

Brett and Jizelle use their expertise in coaching to help their clients determine the key elements to make their photos magic!  And to deliver outstanding work time and time again!!


                            “(Brett) He just knows how to make you shine!”

– Abby N., Las Vegas



Jizelle has been a professional graphic designer since 2011.  As long as she can remember she has been on a computer, researching and learning programs and methods to develop graphics.  Jizelle has a natural ability with graphics & computer programming.  Her favorite work is retouching headshots & modeling photos.


                              “Excellent work! Really happy with the results. Fantastic designer. Fast. Always finishes earlier than promised. A pleasure to work with! I will definitely use again. Highly recommended!”

– Eddynswaus, Los Angeles



Brett & Jizelle have been a couple and a power team since 2011.  They are hooked at the hip and love it that way!  These two make sure that everything they do in life; they do with passion!  They are best friends & soul mates who know that life is meant to be lived & laughter is the best medicine.  So if you want to enjoy the best photography experience of your life….give us a call!


“Hey everyone, we want to thank you for helping us do what we love.  We have met so many amazing people and made such great friends.  We can’t wait to make more…!”