Brett and Jizelle Photography Officially Launched Today!

Brett and Jizelle Photography Officially Launched Today!

Finally!  We have our new website up, our new logo and branding is completed and we just finished our first photo shoot with our new Nikon camera.  It was supposed to be 79 degrees out and sunny but ended up around 65 and overcast.  Well, we aren’t buried under a foot of snow so I am grateful.  Here are a couple shots of Jizelle at Spring Mountain, Las Vegas.  We start shooting headshots for our clients this week and product photography next.  Woo who!!   If you are looking for any type of photography check out our site.

brettandjizellephotography                  brettandjizellephotography-jizelle-headshot-spring-mountain

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  1. Janine Smith

    Beautiful Shots! You have my Dream job! An intense and perfect photograph grabs the viewer for a double take and long stare at the beauty of the shot. Very Well Done! Lovely

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